In this page, I will put one or more “tiny treasure(s)” on a vector graphics illustration and let you find it (them).

First get the PDF file in question by clicking “Get its PDF” icon as shown below.


Then I recommend saving the file on your local storage of your PC or smart phone if possible for patient treasure hunting.

When you find the area where the treasure may be in, try to zoom in the area with a “zoom tool” such like Marquee zoom to show it. If you are right, you can see the treasure object drawn precisely there.

Thus, as an image created in vector graphics can be scaled to any size without sacrificing its quality, it is possible to put treasure objects at any size on the area of the illustration.


Q1. Exercise


This is a simple exercise so I will show you the answer from the beginning. Needless to say, the treasure on the illustration is a diamond ring the woman put on her finger.

At a glance, you may see the ring was drawn in a negligent way. But if you zoom in the area, you must see a clear diamond ring there.


Q2. On the Mongolian Steppe


In vast Mongolian steppe, a man sees nine women wearing native costume standing far from there. They seem to prepare to take a commemorative picture for a coming festival. As he has good eyes, he recognizes that one of them may be his daughter.

By the way, when the painter of this illustration finished drawing the first woman (i.e. this daughter) carefully, he felt it’s very hard jobs to complete rest of eight women in a same manner. So he decided to cut corner with drawing these eight parsons. He thought he was allowed to draw each of them very simply just like sometimes seen in many landscapes in oil.

However, such a “simplifying” no longer applies to vector graphics. As soon as you get its image PDF file and zoom in the area in question, what he has done is exposed!

“To create a compact image file”, that’s a good excuse for the painter. What do you think about that?


Q3. Kompeitō in the Starry Sky


A boy is dreaming a beautiful dream of starry sky. As he likes sugary sweets, he wish a lot of kompeitō (a Japanese sugar candy) were in the starry sky with stars every time he looks at the night sky. Now his dream has just come true!

By the way, I put twenty kompeitō in the illustration. How many ones can you find? Just download its PDF by clicking below icon and try to find them.

Note: The PDF is rather large in size (1.5 M bytes).


Q4. Matryoshka dolls and a Sparrow


A girl put every doll of her favorite matryoshka dolls set on a table and looked at them happily. Then a sparrow suddenly got into the room through a window and was about to peck at the smallest doll. Probably it was so small that the sparrow thought it was something like a grain to eat. The girl was astonished and wondered if the doll was eaten really.

In fact, some of smaller ones changed their “facial expression” at the moment. Please download the vector graphics PDF file and try to see how they are.

Note: The PDF is rather large in size (1.3M bytes).


Q5. Hepburn and a Fairy

オードリー・ヘップバーン:ベクタ画像上で宝探し (Audrey Hepburn)

Audrey Hepburn was rather mischievous movie star and she sometimes looked like a fairy. So this time, an “actual” fairy appears close at hand. Please look at the face of the fairy after getting the PDF of this illustration (1.25M bytes). Are the two “women” similar?


Q6. Looking for Marbles


A boy had been looking for three missing marbles which are treasures for him but not been successful in doing so. Some day when seeing the goldfish bowl in his home, he found the marbles in the bottom of the bowl. He may have possibly dropped them by mistake.

This time, it is not so difficult for you to find the three marbles without the PDF of this illustration but any way I’m going to provide it for you.


Q7. Help Me Search a Contact Lens


Hi, I’m a high school student. Today I came to the beach to enjoy summer weekend. But all of a sudden, when I stumbled a stone on the beach, I dropped a contact lens from one eye. I believe you are so kind that you help me search the contact lens by zooming in the vector graphics (PDF) of this picture carefully.


Q8. That may be a Sasakia charonda!


In an autumn day, I saw a swallowtail butterfly land on a red spider lily. Then another swallowtail butterflies seemed to approach the flower.

By the way, when I looked at a tree over there, I recognized something like a butterfly of another species stop on the trunk of the tree. It must be a Sasakia charnda (great purple emperor)! To confirm that, please check the PDF file (1.54M byte) of this illustration.


Q9. Staring at Cliones


A woman is staring at cliones in a cylinder tank at an aquarium. She seems be healed by their figures like angels.

I recommend you to feel better just like her by getting the PDF file (1.34M byte) and zooming in on each image of them.


Q10. I Want to Be an Astronaut


When a little boy looks up the sky, he finds something coming across there. In fact, it is a space station orbiting the Earth. Then the boy points at it and he thinks he wants to be an astronaut to have a relationship with extraterrestrials…

This time, I used the background which had been used “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”.

You can see a precise image of the space station by getting the PDF file of this illustration (1.04M byte).


Q11. Coming Back to Kyoto by Shinkansen


A maiko who had worked in western Japan for a few days is just coming back to Kyoto by Shinkansen. Then a colleague of the maiko is seeing the train from a distance. In fact she intended to go pick up the maiko at Kyoto station but she couldn’t do it because she is now so busy. She guesses the maiko may be sitting in the front row of the train and waving her hand.

Please let her know that what she guesses is correct by checking the PDF file of this illustration (1.12 M byte).


Q12. Hachikō


Hachikō is widely known as a faithful dog in Japan. The dog had been waiting for its owner every evening at Shibuya station even after his death without knowing the fact. Hachikō might have cried seeing his phantom as shown in this illustration.

How did the owner like? OK, you can see how he looked a kind gentleman by checking the PDF of the illustration (831 K byte).


Look forward to the next treasure hunting!

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