Q25. Marie with a Rose

マリーアントワネット Marie-Antoinette

This is a study of a well-known paint for Marie Antoinette, the wife of Louis X VI where she wears a gorgeous dress and a hat. But in this illustration, she wears a simple dress and no hat in order that I would like the size of artwork file to be smaller. As a result, I feel like she looks a human being rather than a dress-up doll.

Let’s look at the detail of the illustration by getting its PDF file (2.38 M Byte).


Q26. Fireworks

花火 fireworks

Unfortunately so many fireworks shows have been canceled in this year (2020) due to COVID-19. However at least by the last year (2019) a lot of people had admired fireworks as shown in this picture. I hope everyone can enjoy fireworks with an easy mind as early as possible.

You can get the PDF file of this illustration (889 K byte) and look at its details.


Q27. Predicting Your Fortune

水晶玉占い師 fortune-teller

A woman predictor was sitting just in from of you and said “I’ll predict your fortune” staring fixedly at a crystal ball. Would you like to know the result of the prediction?

OK, first get the PDF (1.21 M byte) of this illustration and then enlarge most inner and smallest ball. You may wonder if she is a joker.


For your information, the below figure shows each enlarged view in each ball.


As for the smallest ball in question, I dare not show the view. See it by yourself!

Q28. Sniper

A sniper so-called “G” has just shot the man of the target in the room of the hotel on the opposite where “G” is in. As the target was too far from “G”, it seemed be very difficult to shoot “it” usually. But “G” did it easily because he was superhuman.

This time you can see the target detailed on above demo movie. This shows how the part of the “target man” of the PDF of the illustration was enlarged with Adobe Reader’s “Marquee Zoom” tool.

You can also try the process actually by getting the PDF (1.32 M byte)!


Q29. Cosmos

コスモス 秋桜 山口百恵

A lot of cosmoses are blooming beautifully in the clear autumn sky. The flowers look delicate but actually they are robust just like the woman in this illustration. The model of the woman is a Japanese former singer retired in 1980.

You can get and enjoy the vector graphics of the picture (PDF file, 2.26 M Byte) for free!


Q30. Hitchhike

ヒッチハイク hitchhike

On a summer day, a woman tried to hitchhike standing by the side of a straight road. Then a car in which someone seemed to sit on front passenger seat was approaching her. Suppose the person was the driver’s girlfriend, it might be difficult for her to ride. But there was no problem!

You can know the reason by getting the PDF (1.8 M byte) of this illustration and enlarging the car to check the “person” sitting the passenger seat.


Q31. Vapor Trail

飛行機雲 vapor trail

A cat on a roof was looking up at the sky when an airplane making vapor trails was flying just over it. What did the cat think then?

By checking the PDF (3.71 M byte, sorry for too large size) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the airplane. If you would like to do, click the below button.


Q32. A Boy Pointing His Finger at a Gull

カモメ gull

A boy who likes to see sea pointed his finger at a gull flying far from him. Then he turned toward his mother and shouted “Here comes a gull!”. The mother replied “The gull is flying alone but you are still too young to live alone”.

By checking the PDF (1.72 M byte) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the gull. If you would like to do, click the below button.


Q33. Ptarmigan

ライチョウ 北アルプス ptarmigan

When I tried a precipitous mountain and the weather was getting worse, I encountered a ptarmigan on the mountain trail. As I feared going on such the dangerous climbing to be honest, seeing the bird satisfied me and I gave up the climbing “willingly”.

By checking the PDF (705 K byte) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the ptarmigan.


Q34. A Carp Leaping a Waterfall

鯉の滝登り 毛ばり carp

A carp leaping a falls stands for prosperity in Japan. In the case of this carp, it also looks very active but however if you look at the illustration closely, the carp tries to bite a feather jig dropped by a fisher because it is so hungry. I wish “he” would fail to bite it not to lose “his” life.

By checking the PDF (838 K byte) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the feather jig.


Q35. A Dragonfly on a Rock in a Karesansui Garden

枯山水 トンボ karesansui

You can see some karesansui gardens in Japan (especially in Kyoto). If you visit one of temples having such a garden and stare at the garden, you may be lost meditation.

Then a dragonfly is coming and stops on one of the rock there. The dragonfly looks like a messenger from Zen world.

By checking the PDF (1.21 M byte) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the dragonfly.


Q36. Dandelion

タンポポ 沢口靖子イラスト 澪つくし dandelion

On a warm spring day in Japan, a girl saw a fluffy thing flying before her eyes. After she kept her eyes peeled, she understood it was a dandelion seed. It looked dancing in the air.



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