Q37. A Dragon Filled with Rapture

おみくじ 天に昇る竜 rising dragon

A dragon is soaring into the sky. He looks very happy because he drew an Omikuji (Japanese oracle or lottery) read “very lucky” at a shrine. By getting its PDF (1.83 M byte) and reading the Omikuji (written in Japanese), you can understand why the dragon is felt with rapture.


Q38. Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle

カブトムシ 昆虫採集 beetle

In Japan, rhinoceros beetles (called kabutomushi) are very popular particularly for children. In a summer day, a boy looking for beetles stopped suddenly before a tree. There might be an indication of a beetle on the tree.

By checking the PDF (1.87 M byte) of the illustration, you can watch more detail of the rhinoceros beetle.


Q39. I’m Going to Enjoy Eating Sushi

すし 大トロ ウニ

As you imagine, I am a foodie and especially love sushi. Today’s menu is delicious ‘O-toro’ and ‘Uni’. Let’s eat!

You can see the detailed image of the sushi by getting the PDF (2.17 M byte) of the illustration.


Q40. A Pomeranian and a Bee

ポメラニアン ミツバチ

It was early in the afternoon on a good weather day, a pretty Pomeranian found a bee flying just in front of him. The timorous dog was afraid that the bee stung him. But as the bee was very busy in looking for nectar, it ignored the dog.

You can see the bee detailed by getting the PDF (1.52 M byte) of the illustration.


Q41. The King of Peacock

クジャク peafowl

The peacock shown in this picture looks so gorgeous that “he” is so-called “the king of peacock”. Let’s see how he is great and beautiful by watching detailed image in vector graphics PDF (1.02 M byte).


Q42. A Psychic Photograph

心霊写真 本田翼

This is a photograph of a charming girl taken on a sunny day. What a nice picture! But if you look at the sky behind her carefully, you may “find” something like a woman’s face on the cloud. Is it a so-called ghost? Don’t worry. If you watch the “face” in question precisely by getting the vector graphics (PDF) of the illustration, you can understand it is a part of cloud.


Q43. A Gold Tooth of a Lady

金歯 gold tooth

Here is a lady smiling at a party. In her mouth, a gold tooth is sparkling. Usually, we use a white false tooth not to be conspicuous.

But let’s click the below button to get PDF (1.10 M byte)


and watch the gold tooth precisely. Then you must feel its voluptuous beauty suitable for the lady.

Q44. A Cat Staring Soap Bubbles


Here is a cat in a semi-dark room. His owner blew soap bubbles to enjoy how he reacts. Just then, one of bubbles floats right in front of him. Does he understand his own face reflected in the bubble?

You can check detailed image by getting vector graphics PDF (1.64 M byte).


Look forward to the next treasure hunting!




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